Saturday, March 19, 2011


I haven't been too good about taking pictures lately. I feel like we have just been too busy having fun and I'm just too tired these days to remember! We had a great Spring Break, Avery and I went down to Austin for a few days to see family. It was so nice and relaxing. Avery loves going to "nini and papa's" house and loves being spoiled out of her mind. :) I enjoyed getting to sleep in way late while the grandparents took Avery out, lots of shopping getting goodies for my TWO girls :) and spending time with all the people I love! We got to see baby cousin Rhyder, he is simply the cutest, chubbiest little thing ever! Avery loves him!

We got to go to all kinds of fun places! Avery's fav was a frozen yogurt place where you can color on the tables and walls. Fun!

We loved getting to play with cutie Cooper too!

Avery spent lots of time outside with Papa. She loves this. I'm so glad she is a little girl who loves playing outside with sticks, rocks and cows :)

When we got home, I think Avery was in withdrawls ;) She probably thinks Luke and I are so boring! She was really glad to see Daddy though! We spent most of the rest of the week outside enjoying this beautiful weather. Avery got a new bike and she feels very big riding it. Her baby enjoys the rides too. She attempted to fit Chloe in the baby seat but it did not work out so well. :)

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