Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Sister

We have been talking with Avery about her baby sister more and more. She likes to remind us that she is the BIG sister and the baby will be a baby. :) Sometimes when we tuck her in at night she tells us she is a baby too, melts my heart. I tell her all the time that she is my baby so I'm glad she stills feels that way.
I made a book of the highlights of Avery's first year a little while back. Avery loves to pull it out and look at all the pictures to see when she was a baby. She thinks it is so funny that she was in mommy's tummy too! She points at the pictures and loves to hear the stories behind them. The other day she pointed to a picture and said, "Oh, mommy and daddy love baby Avery!" So happy she can even see that in the pictures. I think this book will really help her prepare for the new baby sister this summer! Can't wait for Avery to be a big sister! I know myself how special that is and I'm so thankful she will have a little sister to be her best friend like I do.

A peek into the book...

Speaking of baby sister, she is doing great! We had an appointment today and she looks very healthy! SO thankful for that. Being a NICU nurse I know a little too well that it isn't always the case sadly. It was so fun to see her today. She was very active and they had a hard time getting shots because she would not be still for a second. Reminds me of a certain big sister I know:) We love her so much already! Luke and I have the list of names narrowed down to two so hopefully we can call this sweet baby by name soon!

Waving hi!

Sweet little girl

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April Jackson said...

I can't wait for this sweet girl to get here! I love that out Avery's are such big buddies and now their sisters can be too! Avery is going to be the best big sister:)