Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Lady..

Avery has been cracking us up lately, acting like such a big girl. She LOVES to carry a purse and lately she has started wearing a bracelet around. So funny! She likes to carry a purse and then steal my phone and keep it in her purse. :) Papa gave her his old phone so we will charge it and she thinks it's real and will keep it in her purse too, but she loves to steal mine so she can sneak off and call someone. Little toot! She also loves to walk around the house carrying her baby in the carrier like a little momma. She will carry it around and then go load it up in her car like she is going somewhere. Little girls are so fun!!

Love this baby!


amy said...

So cute! Sounds very much like Reese- she is suddenly such a little 'mama!' LOVE LOVE Avery's outfit! Where did you get it?!

Lindsay Norsworthy said...

Thanks! The outfit is from a boutique, but they have a website :
Super cute stuff it's unique monogramming with the rinestones. :) Let's have a play date soon!!