Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Update

This is a pic of Luke and I before we had a date night for my birthday last week. He got a sitter and planned a fun night to surprise me! He also got me a new Iphone and a massage! (yes I am the only person I know who has just now jumped on the Iphone train :)) Avery got me a gift certificate to a pottery store to go make a plate with her soon, can't wait! I also got so many sweet phone calls and gifts from my friends on my birthday. It was great!

And on to what all the grandparents care about ;)...Avery is into everything she can find and as always, is very very busy. This pic shows some that. She had gotten into my make up and put mascara all over her face and then pulled out all the dishes out of a cabinet from the kitchen to cook with. She keeps me laughing. Never a dull moment!!

She started wearing pig tails and pony tails now and then. It is the cutest thing! They don't always stay in all day but it's precious while it lasts. She calls them big girl's hair or "tate's hair" because she has seen her friend Avery Kate wear them :)

We had super fun Halloween night with some friends. We went trick or treating and to a big Fall Fest. Avery had fun with her bestie, Casen.
The toddler area at the Fall Fest was on a high school football field and Avery had a blast running the track and the field. I think she liked it better than any of the games. :) Made her Papa proud!
SO cute!


April Jackson said...

I love that she called her piggy tails that! Aves cracks me up with her constant business. Her and Casen looked too cute at the Fall Fest together. So much fun seeing our kiddos love each other like they do!

Leah J. said...

GREAT update! Casen loves his Little Avery! Halloween was so much fun!