Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fest 2012

Fall Fest at Venture this year was a lot of fun as always. Avery had a blast with her buds and she's still talking about it. It's a lot of work but so much fun for us and the community! We had a little smaller turn out this year than the first year we did it, but it was kinda nice because I actually got to talk to people and meet lots of new faces. Fun memories!

My little sea creatures,  Little Mermaid and the little Fishy

some of our group praying before it started

 Avery liked the batman trunk

Our Under the Sea trunk. All Avery's idea!

 Luke, Avery and Avery Kate

 The best buddies, the Averys'

 Chic Fil a cow came as a princess and Avery was thrilled

 Enjoying the train rides. I think Avery rode 20 times:)

 Petting zoo!

My sister and Blaine came to help out. Couldn't have done it without them! With all I had to do to set up that day, they were a lifesaver with the girls! We loved having them here.

The girls really adore their Aunt and Uncle:)

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