Friday, January 27, 2012


Seems like we have been busy around the Norsworthy house lately. Here's what's been going in pictures.

Our church had it's 2 year anniversary. It was a great day. Can't believe how far God has brought us in the last two years! Our church family is so special to us! We had a meal after the service. Nothing like a good old fashion potluck!
some of the sweet kiddos singing Happy Birthday

Little miss has been working on a tooth. Poor thing! She insists to be held all the time:) I don't mind except I can't get a thing done. If I sit her down she actually pouts and whines, it's quite pitiful.
Sweet girl is happy like this:)
Poor Avery got sick for the first time this season with Strep. She had super high fevers and looked pitiful. She never complained once, she just slowed down a bit and cuddled with me more. This was the first time she's been really sick:( She's only had colds, and a few ear infections in the past. It was sad. She's almost back to normal now, thankful!
Sweet girls. Avery likes to play with Adalyn more and more. I love it.
We went to a princess party for sweet Kallie and Klaire. It was totally adorable to see Avery and all her best buddies dressed and up and in full princess mode!

We had a great weekend at my parents. Pretty sure both girls didn't want to come back home! Papa pulled Avery around in the wagon a lot and she loved seeing the horses and cows. The weather was beautiful!

My parents have mine and my sister's old toys for Avery to play with and she is in Heaven with it all.

My cousin's sweet boy, Rhyder, turned one. The girls and I got to go to the party. He's such a sweet and adorable boy. Can't believe he is one! He had a huge scare with Croup recently and I'm so glad he's home from the hospital and pulled through it all.

Ice cream on the patio in January! That's Texas for you. Whatever Avery's little heart desires, she gets with Papa and Nini.;)

So that's the past few weeks in a nutshell! Happy weekend every one!

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