Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 months old

Sweet Adalyn,
You have been with us for 5 months now our family has loved every second of you being here! You are such a blessing. You are the happiest baby ever. You seriously rarely ever fuss. I love your giggles, they melt me. You love to laugh at your big sister when she is silly. You have started trying to hold your toys and you put every thing right to your mouth. You are so laid back and are so content to sit in our laps or in your bouncy seat. You started to love watching Praise Baby and Baby Einstein. You're a great eater and sleeper. I wish I could freeze you at this age for a long time because it's SO sweet. I know each month will just get more fun though. I love you so much Addy girl! Being a mommy to you and Avery is my greatest joy.
Happy five months my
precious girl. I love
you to the moon and back!

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