Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas part 4

The Christmas celebrating continues! We headed to Austin for Christmas with my parents. It was a great time and the world revolves around the girls at Nini and Papa's house so they loved it. :)I love spending Christmas with family, it's such a sweet time of the year.

We started off by going to a Christmas Eve service at my parent's church. It was really neat, especially for Luke to not be so busy at church and for us to just be there as a family. I really enjoyed that for a change. It was a beautiful candlelight service and Avery thought it was so neat. I love these pics of her..

Opening presents Christmas morning! In true Avery style, she woke up really late so we were up waiting on her to wake up. It was so sweet to see her get so excited when she woke up, especially about her new horse and carriage. Christmas through a child's eyes is so much more fun. I remember being little and SO excited about Christmas. Now it's fun to relive it through Avery.

She really liked her stocking:)

Addy crashed hard after opening all her presents! :)
Thanks mom and dad for being so generous and hosting a wonderful Christmas for the family! Swete Memories

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