Friday, June 8, 2012

10 Months

My sweet baby,
You're 10 months old now! Can't believe we are in the double digits already. Seems like a week ago I was rushing to the hospital to meet you. What a joy you are! Seriously the sweetest  little thing. You still are so laid back and go with the flow. You can nap whenever, or even skip your naps if needed, really amazes me. You are happy most all the time. You love to be held and will fuss if I ever do such a cruel thing as to leave you to play 5 feet away from me. Seems the only time you will chill alone in a room is to watch Praise Baby. Momma loves some Praise Baby! I think you may be a tad spoiled:) Playing with Avery is one of your most favorite things in the world. She is so sweet to you and lets you hold some of whatever she is playing with and you love to be a big girl and watch her. You love to be sang to, read to, and to be fed like a little bird. I started calling you my baby bird because you'd much rather be fed from my hand than to pick up the food yourself. Makes us laugh! Your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, bread and spaghetti. You seem to be a little picky about what you'll eat. You started clapping this month and it's so cute. You still sign for milk and started signing "all done" some too.  You are the definition of a cuddle bug; I love that. You sleep pretty well, still waking once to nurse. You have perfected the army crawl all over the house and can get to what you want pretty quickly. You get on your hands and knees and look around, so I know pretty soon you'll figure out how to go faster if you ever hang out on the floor long enough:) You can almost pull up to stand too. You love to giggle. Daddy and Avery make you giggle the loudest. One of the sweetest things that lights you up the most is when sister holds your hand while we walk. Walking into the store from the parking lot Avery loves to hold your hand. You will giggle and beam all the way in, so much so that people have commented. It's the sweetest, most simple joy. Makes me appreciate the small stuff. We love you so much little "Adawinnie" as your sister lovingly calls you. You make our family complete. Being a mommy to you makes me so happy. I love you to the moon and back!
Love, Momma

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