Tuesday, July 10, 2012

11 Months!

Sweet Adalyn,
You're 11 months old! Can't believe the next next time we take these pictures you will be a year old. It makes me sad but I love seeing you grow. I want to cherish all this time while you're little because it is going by way too fast! You are still the sweet little laid back girl that you've always been, but now you have decided that you want to explore more and get into things. It's fun to see you on the move! You're pulling up on everything now and getting around crawling/scooting. I think you may end up having a little temper too. You definitely know what you want and if it gets taken away, you have something to say about it. As calm as you usually are, you still are a strong willed little girl. You will already take toys from big sister and when she goes to take them back, you put up a fight.:) It's kinda cute! You adore Avery and want to do every thing she does so badly. She is so sweet to you, it melts me. Watching you two interact is one of my most favorite things. You love to food more now. You have gone straight from nursing to eating table foods and are slowly starting to wean. You nurse 3-4 times a day. You favorite foods right now are: green beans, black beans, spaghetti, chicken, sweet potatoes, and avocados. You also really love Baby Mum Mums. You still say, "mama" dada" and lots of other sweet noises, you especially like to holler!  Your little gummy grin has three teeth now, two on bottom and one on top with another about to break through. You love to laugh and clap when someone is being funny. It's pretty cute! You also love to make clicking noises with your tongue. It's kinda becoming your signature sound because you love doing it and really love it when people do it back to you! You're very friendly and wave and try to get people's attention when we go places. Your big cheeks, big eyes, and sweet smile win people over every time! I love you so much Addy girl! Hope you always know how much I simply adore you. You and sister are my world. I love you to the moon and back!

                  Sitting still while leaving the paper alone and looking
at the camera is a thing of the past:)

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