Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adalyn is 15 Months

My sweet baby girl is 15 months old and I can hardly believe it! I am so far behind on blogging! It seems overwhelming to have anything else on my list of things to do, but I must blog our memories! I know we will love looking back!
So, about this sweet 15 month old we have walking around our house. Yes, walking! She decided it was time to take off. She does things on her terms:) It's about the cutest thing I have ever seen to watch her toddle behind Avery everywhere. She started walking a little over a month ago but is just now walking full time and preferring it over crawling.
Here is what else you are up to at 15 months sweet Adalyn,

Talking. You love to talk and the words you use now are: momma, dada, sis, shoes, hi, and no. Your first phrase was "What's dat?" You love to point at things and ask, "what's dat" in whisper. So funny! That was your sister's first sentence too. You are obsessed with shoes! No surprise that was one of your first words. You love to walk around holding shoes. Wonder where that obsession came from?! When you need something or you are sleepy, you just yell, "Mamamamama" over and over.  No other word has ever made my heart so happy than "Mama" This such a fun age, I love the way you still need me so much but yet you are getting more and more independent and developing so much personality.
You love to push babies around in a stroller, carry a purse or bag, wear bracelets, play peek a boo, clap and give kisses. You will clap, give kisses and wave hi and bye when asked. You love to play peek-a-boo and will even play all alone and just laugh at yourself! You sleep with your paci and have become attached to your little blankie/lovie. You suck your paci and rub the little blanket under your nose till you fall asleep. It's precious! You are such a mommy's girl and you are pretty much attached to me. You do love your daddy a lot too and love playing with him. You would rather be held more than almost anything else. I love that about you! I could hold you forever and literally do hold you almost all day. You play independently pretty well though. Just like your big sis, you will occupy yourself with your toys and play while I get things done. You're a pretty good eater, your favs are: sweet potatoes, raisin toast, peanut butter or almond butter sandwiches, eggs, chicken, and pizza. You love bathes, going for walks and shopping with mommy. You ADORE your big sis and want to do and have every thing she does and has. She is so sweet to you and shares so well with you most all the time. Avery loves to know that she is your "teacher" and teaches you how to share and take turns. Hope that never changes:) You love to hug! You will often walk right up to Avery and just squeeze her. Melts me! We all are so smitten by you! You are the cutest, little bitty, big cheeked, sweet hearted little girl. Can't imagine life with out you in it! Hope this stage goes by slowly cause I'm going to miss it  I know! Love you to the moon and back!!
Love, Momma

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