Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gymnastics Showcase and Ballet Performance

What a fun time each May is with Avery is gymnastics and ballet. Her recital and gymnastics showcase are always so much fun. So proud of this girl! 

Showing her medal! Avery is in a tumbling class this Fall and she is loving it!

Adalyn was so proud of her and Avery ran over to the side at one point to say hi to her little adoring sis. Melted me!!

The gym doesn't have showcases for Adalyn's age, but after it was over she showed us some skills and we cheered her on for her own little showcase:)

These girls love their Nini and Papa!!

Pretty little ballerina!! Avery did great at her ballet recital. She is naturally so good at ballet and it's fun to watch her.

Audrey got to go bowling with mommy and Aunt Laura after the recital. Fun night out!

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