Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year! I can't believe that it is 2009 already. So many life changing events took place for us in 2008. Moving back to Texas, Luke's new job, and the birth of our precious little girl. Avery has changed our lives in so many ways. Having her makes every thing more fun, every day more meaningful, every happy time even better, and every bad day not quite as bad. We constantly laugh at how different things are now and wonder what we did with all our free time before. Seriously, I never knew how much time I had on my hands before Avery! Now I'm lucky to have time to blow dry my hair and try on more than one outfit when we go somewhere. Going out to dinner is also quite an event. We went out for an early New Year's Eve dinner to The Cheesecake Factory. Avery does well and hardly ever cries, but it is just so different bringing a baby out. First, Luke jokes that I am packing like I'm leaving for a weekend trip when I pack her bag to go somewhere, but you never know what you might need. :) We get there and of course there is a 30 min. wait so we sit and entertain her in her car seat hoping she will stay happy in it long enough so that we can eat. She laughs, smiles and flirts with all the people passing by. We then are seated, and she has had enough of the seat and is ready to get out of course. We take turns holding her until our food comes.  An attempt to put her back in her seat fails b/c she is now hungry. I feed her the bottle and eat with one free hand(an art that I have mastered). She then proceeds to spit up all over herself and my lap. When laugh, clean it up and take turns holding her while trying to keep her from grabbing every thing on the table. We finish and decide to sit at the table a while and talk. Avery had other plans and has a blowout in her diaper so loud I'm sure the booth behind heard. I take her to the crowded bathroom and wait in line for the stall with the changing table. I'm a germ freak so it takes me forever to cover everything before she touches it. I clean her up and change her "Happy New Years" shirt that she got to wear for all of an hour. We decide to leave and push our way through the crowed waiting area of the restaurant. On the way out we manage to loose one sock off her foot which some one was nice enough to return before we get out the door. We walk outside and sigh. "That was fun and exhausting," we both say. 
"I'm tired, what time is it Luke?"  
"It's 7:30."  
Wow, I was ready for bed at 7:30, that's sad! Needless to say having a baby changes everything, but we love her to pieces and wouldn't trade her for the world. Date nights are just more interesting now! I can't wait to spend 2009 with her!

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Anonymous said...

What a storyteller you are! Felt like I was there with you, although could be that I have been there before. Maybe twenty-something years ago. Thanks for the lovely experience. Love, Nana