Saturday, February 14, 2009

6 Month Old Little Valentine

My sweet little girl turns 6 months old on Valentine's Day! I can't believe six months have flown by so fast. You are growing and changing so much, Avery. You are into everything you can get your hands on. Anything in your reach is yours, whether it's my plate of food or a vase of flowers!  You can almost sit up on your own, you roll all over the place when you are on the floor playing and you have mastered the art of scooting on your back to get places :), you love reading books still, you are still enjoying your Baby Einstein and Praise Baby dvds, you think the dogs are the funniest creatures ever, you love going for walks, playing with mommy's hair, and your silky pink blanket has became a favorite of yours. You are such a little doll, and you have stolen mine and your daddy's heart for sure. I can't imagine my life without you; you are my reason for everything. You are loved more than you know baby girl. Happy six months and Valentine's Day!!
Love, Momma

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