Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Continued

Valentine's Day was so much fun with our little sweetheart! Aunt Laura came to visit and brought a basket full of goodies for her! Her Daddy gave her first rose, which she thought looked very delicious and tried to eat. He also gave gave her the little pink 2009 Valentine bear and the "daughter" plaque. She loved it! We set her up in the crib with some of her goodies and she was soo excited. It was really funny. She couldn't decide which new thing to grab next. The vase was quickly removed after the pictures. :) 


Kevin and Laura said...

Lindsay! Thank you so much for the gifts for the girls! I love headbands and can't wait for the girls to get a little bigger so they will all fit. And we love to swaddle so thank you for the blankets. You and April picked the same baby bedding it looks funny! I might try to stop by bunco night...we'll see..but if not I look forward to meeting you some other time!!

Oh and Avery is so cute. I love all of her outfits and accesories..what a girlie girl! Love it.

Debbie said...

She is sooo cute I can hardly stand it! :)