Monday, June 29, 2009

House and Happenings

As I promised the family, here are a few pics of the new house. We are getting settled in and really liking it. Avery seems to have adjusted just fine and really likes the new place, especially her new playroom. I didn't post any of the master bedroom, the office, or the guest bedroom because we have not done a lot in there yet. I will soon. Enjoy the tour!

The entry. The dogs love to look out the glass door.
We turned the dinning room into a play room for Avery. It's a great place for her; she can even watch her movies in here. Her friends like it too when they come over.

I made the light a little more girly for her. :)
The finished shelf for her toys and books that Grandpa and Daddy made.
I love the kitchen! 

The view from the living area to the kitchen. 

The hallway to Avery's room and guestroom.
Hall bathroom
The nursery

The back porch. The table and umbrella was our anniversary gift to each other this year. We love to sit out here in the evenings.

Mimi and Popa(my parents) came to visit this weekend to help us unpack and get settled. They were a huge help. Can you come back this weekend!? They brought Avery a play kitchen for her play room. It is so cute! She loves to take all the dishes and food out and put them in the oven and all the cabinets. 

My parents babysat so Luke and I could go out for our 6 year anniversary. We had a nice night out. We don't get to do that much so it was great!


Tiffany said...

What do you mean you haven't done anything to the master bedroom and office?!? It's more put together than mine and I've been here almost a year!!!! Your house looks great, I'm VERY impressed! I love what you've done. What a fun kitchen for Avery! I know you were looking for one, and I'm sure she will have many fun memories with it. Cute dress again:)

April Jackson said...

I'm with Tiffany on the other bedrooms! Sometimes I forget that you have Richard since I only ever see Chloe:) Avery Kate is ready to come and play in the play room again!!

chris said...

That couch looks like a great place to take a nap!!

Tiffany said...

Who is Richard?

Lindsay Norsworthy said...

Ha Ha! We call Chief that sometimes b/c we're weird I guess. :) We like nick-names. It makes no sense. I think we got it from Ricky Bobby. Anyway, April thinks it's funny. He actually responds to Chief, Ricky Bobby, or Richard...kinda sad. Don't judge. :)