Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend in Abilene

Long time, no post...I know the grandparents are upset. :) I have been busy chasing this little girl around. We also went to Abilene last weekend to visit. We had a great time and Luke and his dad built a new shelf for Avery's play room. It is so nice and will be a great place for her to store her books and toys. I still have to paint it so I'll post the finished product later. 
When we got home, Aunt Laura and Blaine were here to visit. We went out to eat, took Avery to the pool and had a great time. For some reason I only took one picture when they were here. 
They worked ALL day on it!
The finished product. Yay!
Avery loves this chair that is her size. Too funny!
She also really loves Grandpa and Nana's dogs. They are so sweet to her.
She has started clapping for herself all the time. It's really cute.
This is a new face she has been making. She scrunches up her nose and gives a fake smile. What a toot:)
This is her new favorite way to watch Praise Baby. 
Playing in the crib. She loves to sit in her crib and play; it's nice for mommy b/c she is contained for a bit. 
Avery and Aunt Laura this weekend

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