Sunday, February 14, 2010

18 Months Old on Valentine's Day!

Sweet Avery,
You were 1 1/2 on Valentine's day! I can't believe that. You are really growing and changing so much! I am trying to soak up all your babyness and savor it. Every face, smell, your little voice, they way you get so excited, how curious and busy you are, the way you call "momma" at the top of your lungs when you need anything, I don't want to forget any of these things! You are turning into a big girl too fast! Please promise me you'll let me cuddle you and call you my baby forever, even when you're a teenager and you think I'm such a dork. ;) Here are some new things you are doing that I don't want to forget about this stage:

-You have started repeating a lot of words we say, most recently: apple, shoes, bow,eyes, wow, K, uh oh. I love hearing your little voice. You call for "momma" all day long, I love it! Daddy is pretty special too, you love to charge into his office during the day and sit in his lap at the desk. You have him wrapped around your little pinky for sure!
- You like to color
-You dance constantly. You start gettin down the second you hear a beat!
-You eat with a fork really well now
- You only use at paci and nap/bedtime and sometimes in the car
-You are a great sleeper, down at 7:30 almost every night and up around 8:30-9.
- You love to watch Dora and Elmo
-You are really loving going to Little Gym and doing so well
-Your fav. foods are mac and cheese, pizza, avocados, green beans, bananas, and PB&J
-You adore Chief and Chloe; any dog really. You love to sneak and feed Chloe from your highchair( I guess this is why she adores you too ;)
- You love to do anything outside and beg to go out even when it is freezing out
- You have so much fun going to Target mommy! I love this :)
-You have lots of little friends around your age at church and it is so fun to see you play with them. Currently you are in love with Casen, he was your first kiss even though daddy denies it. Ha!

Daddy and I are crazy about you sweet girl! Happy 18 months! I love you to the moon and back,

We started off Valentine's day with heart shaped pancakes made by daddy!

opening some of her gifts from family
Dog card from daddy

Excited about her new kitty purse from mommy and daddy!

We go in for her 18 month well check tomorrow, I hope she is 21 lb by now! Tiny thang :)

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