Friday, February 19, 2010

March For Babies!

March of Dimes is a cause I have always felt strongly about being a NICU nurse. I have seen so much heart break and so many happy endings. March of Dimes fights for these helpless babies born way too early. I am honored to walk in the March for Babies this April with my sweet friends, Leah and Amy. Amy has twin girls born 10 weeks early and they are doing great. Leah gave birth to sweet Liam, he did not have a fair chance at life and was stillborn. Today would be his due date, say a prayer for this family. I am thankful for my healthy beautiful daughter, but I am reminded every time I go to work in the NICU that there are far too many babies born way too early who have to fight so hard for a chance at life. I am walking because I want to make a difference in something I think is so important. I am also walking for each baby I have seen grow up healthy with a future and for each baby I have seen that never got a shot at life. Brings tears to my eyes typing this. If you want to help, join Reese and Riley's team(Amy's twins) or donate what you can to the cause. (there is link on the right of my blog) All the funds go to research and programs to ensure healthy pregnancies and babies.

Babies are such a nice way to start people. ~Don Herrold

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amy said...

Thank you for walking with us! We are SO thankful.