Tuesday, May 18, 2010

21 months

Avery turned 21 months old the other day. I can hardly believe that she will be two in 3 months!! Where has the time gone!? I need to start planning a party. :) She is growing and changing so much. I want to remember everything about this age, it is so precious. I know that in just three short months she will already be so different.

You are such a joy! You have learned so many new things in the past few months. There is nothing better in my world than being your momma and watching you grow. You have started repeating a lot of things we say, which is so cute. You still love Little Gym and got moved up to the big kids class because you can keep up with them; they are all way bigger and 6months- 1 1/2 yr. older than you, but you can do all they can do, so proud! The big kids go around the room in class and say their names, you have started trying to copy them and have been saying " wavery". You sleep in a big girl bed still and do great with it. You started asking to tee tee on the potty, we let you now and then but don't want to start potty training for a while. You love Chloe, or Cho Cho as you call her and every other dog as well. You are quite the dancer and can really bust a move. :) Swimming and being outside are your favorite things to do since the weather has been so nice. You love to be chased by daddy and will have the biggest belly laughs ever! Melts me. You stared praying with us before bed, so sweet! You say "tank tou" whenever you are given anything. I am teaching you to be gentle and you love to pat your babies or momma's back and say "gentle". You say "wuv you" when we tell you we love you. The other day you gave me a hug and said "wuv you" without me saying it, needless to say I melted. My favorite new thing you are doing is playing "baby". You love to reach to be picked up and say "baby?" because you want to be rocked like a baby and pretend. I love anytime you will let me cuddle you! It makes me realize what a big girl you are becoming when you "pretend" to be a baby. :( I love you so much little girl, don't think I could ever put into words how much. "I'll like forever, I'll love you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." ( from a book we love to read together :))
Love, Momma

I didn't really have any good recent pics to post. This video is cute and will have to do for the grandparents. :) It is Avery telling me some of the animal sounds. She pants for the dog noise, I didn't teach her this, Chloe just pants a lot and never really barks. Ha!

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Kara Graves said...

Almost 2? I am not sure I can believe that! Time flies so fast, but I love how each stage is a new favorite! You are such a great mommy to Avery, she is a blessed little girl.