Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Program

Avery had her school Christmas program today. It was the adorable thing to see all the cuties on stage! The two's class pretty much just stood there and stared while the teachers looked silly doing all the hand motions. Cracked me up! My child of course felt the need to leave her mark on the performance so she started off by pulling her dress up to her head and flashing the crowd before it started. As if that wasn't enough, she made a beeline for the grand piano on stage in the middle of the show to play a few notes. Luckily the teacher made eyes with her and told her no and she minded. Oh, she makes me laugh! All that spunk and personality will get her far in life. God, please let baby #2 be laid back! ;)

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The Hammetts said...

How adorable! I pray that Norsworthy baby #2 is laid back too. I don't know what you will do with another one with as much spunk as Avery!