Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! and other funny things...

I can't believe Christmas is around the corner! I am so excited! I love having the house decorated for Christmas, having a fire going and smelling my holiday scentsy! Avery is beside herself excited about it too. She has already sat in Santa's lap twice and it's December 1st! He asked her what she wanted from him last time and she exclaimed, "A hug!!" Melted me. :)
She loves that every store has Christmas decor., her favs are Frosty(which she calls every snowman) and Santa. We walked in Hobby Lobby the other day and she said, "Ohhh, I happy!" ha! I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of a sweet child. We are working hard to teach about Christmas and what it really means. Right now she will tell you it's about God and Santa. :) We pulled all the Christmas stuff out the other night and she had a total blast staying up late and helping decorate.

She loves having a her own tree in her playroom. She picked out Disney princess ornaments to put on it and she rearranges them every 20 min. ;)

her little baby tree from her first Christmas

I took this random pic the other day of Avery in the driveway. The lighting did something really cool and then I made it black and white and played with it a little. She's not even smiling but it turned out to be one of my new favs of her!

On a funny note, Avery has been cracking us up lately with new things she is doing and saying. I lost my keys the other day and looked for probably 30 min and had my whole purse dumped out in the process. I just happened to walk by her little pink car in the hallway and noticed my keys in the ignition and my cash and gum she had also taken and stashed in the back. Little stinker!! Made me laugh. She told me she was "driwin" :) Another couple of funny things to share that I want to be able to read when she's 20 and laugh: We were in Kohls shopping the other day she saw a little boy about her age shopping with his mom, they made eye contact and were waving. The little boy a few minutes later did something to get in trouble and his mom said" You are going to get a spanking now, get over here!" Avery looked at his mother who was only a few feet away at that point and yelled "NO! He don't want it!!" It was hilarious. The mom explained to her afterwards that no, he didn't want it but he in fact needed it. :) Leave it to my daughter to get onto a grown woman and a stranger at that. :) She's growing and changing so fast that I hate it but at the same time love it because she is developing her little personality more and more. She told me the other day at lunch when I told her she must eat her turkey before having chips, " It's MY choice, I want chips!" Wow, she wears me out! Good thing I love her more than anything :)

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Heather said...

That picture of her is awesome! She looks like a model