Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Instagram/ IPhone Update

We're still here! Life is busy and crazy but so wonderful. The last 2 months have flown by! On top of being super busy with two girlies I decided to go back to work as a NICU nurse. I am so blessed to have a job that I can go to just 1 or 2 days a week while the girls have a fun day with dad. It has been really good for me to be back just a little! Because my camera acts up and we're always on the run,        I usually just snap a few pictures each day with my phone. Here's a brief summary of the last 
few weeks in pictures:) 

We have enjoyed all this nice weather at the park a lot!

My little  big girl! Love her

Lots of fun Sundays at Venture. Worlds cannot describe how much I love this church!
Many, many dance parties

This little girl is a total diva. She wears me out in a totally different way than Avery did as a toddler. She's feisty!!!

                                                             But she's oh so sweet too :)
Daddy and Avery had a special daddy daughter date and dance at gymnastics.  
They both loved every second.

Easter Bunny! Adalyn feels the same as she did about Santa. Maybe next year!

Avery had a super fun Easter celebration at preschool. They hunted eggs to spell out "Jesus is Alive"
 Making Easter eggs! Avery was very into the meaning of Easter this year. She has some Resurrection Eggs from school and she can tell you the entire story of Jesus going to the cross in full detail. Gave me chills the first time she showed me. 

Aunt Laura and Uncle Blaine moved closer and we are so excited! 

Aunt Laura living closer meant that we got a date night and a babysitter one night:)

We're still keeping busy with gymnastics and my little gymnast likes to 
dress the part and practice at home.

Love sleeping babies! In between all the busy and crazy, we still find time to nap:)


Wendy said...

Oh I love Avery sleeping on the stairs, so cute! Glad y'all had such a great Easter. Your children are just beautiful.

Chels said...

I loved this post and the snapshot of what going on in your life! Precious family ... we miss seeing you guys!