Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day with our little fam. Some say the holiday is cheesy and over-rated and maybe it is but I love any reason to celebrate something! Daddy was good to all his girls! We each woke up to roses at our bedside. Avery especially felt so special to get something from Daddy that Mommy got too.  I love seeing him with his girls. A Daddy/Daughter relationship is the sweetest! We went to dinner where mommy picked and dessert where Avery picked. Olive Garden and Yogurt Story! Luke also gave me a beautiful ring with the girl's birthstone that I love.

My cute little Valentines

                                                                       Sister hugs

and kisses

Avery's school Valentine's party 

She loved passing out the utensils and napkins. She LOVES to help the teacher:)

Presents waiting from Mommy and Daddy. The girls also really loved all the presents they got during the week from all their grandparents. No lack of love for these two! Thank you!

                       Enjoying some frozen yogurt treats with my favorite people. What a great day!            

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