Thursday, February 14, 2013

Four and a half years little

My first baby is four and a half years little!! I have to say little because it makes me feel better. Time sure is flying! She is very proud of this "half." Don't dare say she's only four, but four and a HALF. :) She is just the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful, and kindest little girl ever. Can you tell I'm her mom?! I am a very lucky mom! Avery is doing great in preschool two days a week. She knows how to write all the letters of the alphabet well from memory, she can spell several words, she loves to color, craft and make things. She has lots of sweet friends at school and church who she loves to play with. She often plays with boys which is so funny and sweet. She still loves all things princess, her American girl doll, playing mommy, dressing up, riding her bike and anything outdoors. She recently became more into clothes and really gets excited over a new dress or outfit. Wonder where that comes from? ;) She loves to go shopping with me and is a great shopping buddy. Girl can flat shop all day with no complaints. She still is a dainty little thing. A very petite 30lb with her clothes on. She is such a sensitive and gentle girl. She talks about the people we see on the road asking for money/food and asks what else we can do for them often. I think she'll grow up and do something that involves serving others. She is always concerned when someone is sad. She is an absolute dream with her little sis. She protects her and is always letting me know if Adalyn has something that might hurt her. She is a great helper. I rely on her a lot! She shares everything with her; whatever Adalyn wants Avery gives her even if it's Avery's favorite toy. Adalyn takes every toy away from her, pulls her dolls hair and Avery's hair and spills her food on a daily basis and Avery is so patient and sweet with her. She just takes it all. It makes me so proud to see her treat Adalyn so well. We tell her all the time that her sister is the most special and important friend of all and she seems to believe it too. I know one day they will fight but for now it's sweet. Her gentle heart is one of the many ways I see God in a tiny 4 year old body. Precious. Her fav foods are spaghetti, turkey, PB&J, almonds, raspberries, pink yogurt, pizza, chicken, rice, and almost anything with ketchup. She wants to be a mommy and a nurse when she grows up. Somedays she throws a jewelry maker in the list, who knows?! What ever she grows up to be, she will always be my baby and she will always make  me and her daddy so very proud. Happy half birthday sweet girl!

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Wendy said...

She really is so tiny and so so cute. Wish we lived closer, I bet our girls would play well together, they seem to love all the same things :)