Friday, February 8, 2013

18 Months!!

My sweet Adalyn is a year and a half!! Can't believe it! She has changed so much in the past 6 months it's crazy. Where is the pause button? My babies are growing into little girls right before my eyes!

Addy Girl,
You are a big one and half year old now! My how you've changed and grown. Your smile is contagious and adorable. You love to wave at people and get their attention. You still are very much a mommy's girl but never cry when I leave you with others or in the nursery which is so nice. You adore your big sis and copy every little thing she does. Watching you two play together is one of my greatest joys! You call "sis" a hundred times a day.You share so well (for now) and love to play with other kids. You are quite the cuddle bug and will always climb in a lap when when it's offered. You love your paci and lovie when you're tired or sad. You hold your lovie and rub it on your nose when you're sleepy, so precious! I will have the memory of you doing this with me forever. You have stared to talk a lot more, new words this last month are: Dog, Cookie, mimi(milk) Ball, Here go (here you go) and More. Your first sentence was, "Here you go Mommy" You like to be read to and sang to. You really haven't showed any interest yet in movies or TV shows. You adore Minnie and Mickey and will stop to see them on TV for a few seconds. Anything related to Minnie Mouse are your favorite toys.Your favorite things to play with are baby dolls. You hold them, kiss them, love them, say "Awww" and feed them. Quite the little mommy you are! You still are a very laid back girl and really don't get too upset very often unless you want something that gets taken away. I can see a few tantrums in our future:) You are very cautious. You won't go far from me and you have yet to try the stairs alone but will just call for me when you want to go up or down. It's so funny and sweet! You clap for yourself and others often when you're happy and love to give high fives. You're a great sleeper still and sleep 13+ hours most every night. The only thing big on your tiny little body are your cheeks and they are adorable. You are a tiny, petite little thing and weighed 18.9 lb, and 31 inches long at your 18 month appointment. Putting you in the 5% for weight and 50% for length. Despite being tiny, you like to eat! Fav foods are: peanut butter or almond butter and honey sandwiches, blueberries, eggs, oatmeal, chicken, almonds, bananas, spaghetti and black beans and chips(if you see a bag of chips, it's over. Not even worth trying to tell you no;))
You are so adored, so loved and so treasured. Hope you will always know how much I love you! Love you to the moon and back!
Love, Momma

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