Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bath Time Fun.....


                            Chloe "helping" me bathe Avery :)

                                                  Squeaky clean!

                                               Chloe being spoiled

                                              My sweet boy, Chief
                     The dogs assuming their positions to
                           "guard" the backyard 

Avery really loves bath time and we can never skip a bath before bed because she will have none of it.:) The dogs(our first two babies!) love to help. Chloe sits at the tub and Chief by the door. They are so funny. They have adjusted well to being a little ignored since Avery came on the scene.  I say ignored, but as you can see by Chloe in Luke's lap in Avery's rocking chair, and Chief finding home on our bed, they aren't hurting too much for attention! Avery has started to smile when she sees them come into the room. So cute. Life at our house with three babies is so fun!!

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Anonymous said...

any pics that show her p---y? I want to lick it for her