Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas time's a comin'!!

We are getting excited about Christmas around our house! It is so much more fun this year having Avery around for Christmas. We decided to decorate this weekend and it was so much fun putting the tree up and hanging Avery's first ornaments. She loved looking at all the lights on the tree. She also had a fun time with a visit from aunt Laura this weekend! 


Michele Ramsey said...

Hey Linds
I can't believe you moved away... We miss you guys already. Avery is getting sooo big and has the most beautiful eyes. You all look soooo happy. Come home and visit soon and don't forget about us at GCMC. Loves, Michele Ramsey and crew!!!!!!

Kara Graves said...

she is always so cute with those big bows, if we find out we are having a girl the first item of purchase will be bows!

Truitt Ross said...

She is so precious! You are such a good blogger. You are a fantastic mother! - Kayci