Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We had company this past weekend. My mom, my sister and Blaine, my grandma and my aunt all came to visit. It was lots of fun! They had a great time with Avery and she loved having them around. We went out to eat, shopped a lot, and went to church at Venture on Sunday. Avery was spoiled as usual...lots of new clothes, shoes and toys. She is going to be shocked one day when she realizes that the world does not revolve around her. :)
Daddy is at a preaching conference this week so we are missing him. Avery looks for him in his office sometimes..so sweet. She is cutting four molar teeth right now and it is no fun. I thought she might have had an ear infection bc she had been fussy and not wanting to eat much. I took her in to be sure and no infections, just teeth coming in. Poor baby! I guess at least she is getting four done at one time. Her new favorite thing this week is to climb up on the fireplace. It scares me! Today I came in the living to find find her up there and just as I was saying "No No", she jumped off and landed on all fours. I thought for sure she would cry because we have hard wood floors and she landed right on her knees, but she laughed hysterically instead. I have my hands full with this crazy girl!!
Here she is waiting for the company to get here. She got to stay up past her bed time so she could see everyone. I managed to get no pics from the weekend! Oh well.

I did manage to get one pic with my sister and Aves

Brushing her teeth about to go night night. I love a clean baby right before bed!
She loves to run to her room and shut the door. It cracks me up. She just needs the privacy I guess. :) This time I caught her right before she shut me out.
Trying to call Daddy...she misses him this week :(

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