Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Girls

"Remember when all we had to do was to keep our ponytails straight and catch fireflies?"- author unknown

Oh to be a little girl again, when your biggest decision of the day is which princess to dress up as. Avery had a little mini slumber party tonight with one of her best friends, Avery Kate(or "Tate" as she calls her) They had so much fun! A dress up party with close to 10 wardrobe changes, reading many books to each other, a little ABC song singing taught by Avery Kate, lots of hugs and kisses- so precious, a little Mickey Mouse on TV, a pizza party for dinner and a super fun bath time complete with big bubbles and even bigger little girl giggles. As I read to them and put them to bed, I thought of how sweet, innocent and precious little girls are. It's a reminder to cherish every minute before they grow up too fast. Avery will be sad to wake up in the morning with no Tate! It took everything I had to not let them make a big pallet on the floor and stay up giggling till they passed out. I'm sure there will be many years of that to come, can't wait. :)

nothing better than two clean cuties in their pj's!


Keri Thorkildsen said...

I'm so glad you posted this! they are soooo cute. i can't believe we have kids old enough to start thinking about sleep overs. so much fun to come. hope things are great with yall! little aves is such a doll. take care!

Candi Hammett said...

I miss both of them!!! Hopefully I will get to see everyone soon!

April Jackson said...

Love these girls! Avery has talked all day about how much fun she had a little Aves house and how she cried at bedtime:) Thanks so much for watching Avery for us. We owe ya'll!