Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First trip to the Dentist..

Avery had her first Dentist appt. this week. We had been talking about it for a few days so she was so pumped to go! She wasn't scared a bit, not sure why I was surprised by this :) She let the dentist clean her teeth and said it was fun. Hope she stays that way for every appointment! They let me go back with her to make sure she did ok even though she ran in with out me and told me, "see ya later mom!" She's getting way too big for my liking!
Her teeth looked great! Dentist said she could tell she won't ever need braces by the spacing in her teeth. Never heard of that but I sure hope she's right!
My big girl so brave
She did tell Avery we need to get rid of the beloved paci, or "pappy" as Avery calls it. She only uses it for nap/bedtime but the dentist was afraid it will mess her up bite down the road. Better do it now before baby comes. I think it will be harder for me than her:( Wish us luck!!
Such a fun day at the dentist! She got prizes and a t-shirt for being so big. I have to hide the t-shirt because she's so proud of herself and wants to wear it every day. :)


April Jackson said...

Cute pictures at the dentist! No surprise she did so good! I'll have to tell little Kate. :)

Samuel Hershey said...

Aw, what a brave kid! Looks like you wouldn't have to worry too much about future visits. It's great to see kids do well at the dentist, right? Dentists have a much better time handling kids as well, especially if their work is focused on the oral health of children.

Jerri Franceschi said...

Awww, how brave was your Avery? She was so excited to get her teeth cleaned that she ran in without you! That’s a special little princess you have there! Let’s hope the rest of her trips to the dentist will be as fun and trouble-free as her first one! She sets a great example for her sister.