Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swim Lessons!

Avery has had swim lessons for the past two weeks and it has been so much fun! I'm really sad it's over actually. She will probably be asking me every day if we are going for a while. :( The class we took was at the Denton Natatorium in the indoor pool. It was really nice to be inside and not be baking in this heat! She did so well and learned so much. They taught a lot about water safety and I think she really took a lot of it in. She learned how to jump in the pool by herself, come up and find the side to hold on. (that was a little nerve racking for momma!:) She has had little to no fear of water so I was glad she learned a few things to keep her safer. She loves "swimming" under water now and blowing bubbles. She has been teaching her Little Mermaid swimming lessons in the bath tub each night and it is so funny! Such sweet memories that I will never ever forget.

I don't think she could be any more precious :)

Luke gets father of the year award for doing about half of the classes with her! It's a little harder for me at almost 34 weeks prego! We did the class at lunch time each day and he was able to come. It was all moms with their kiddos but he didn't mind. He said he felt like Cam from the TV show Modern Family, he was the honorary mom! Avery felt proud that she had her daddy with her and told me numerous times that Daddy throws her higher in the pool. ha! He's such a good Daddy and much more relaxed around water than I am so I think it was good for her. And for some reason all the moms seemed a tad more friendly to him when he did the class with her than to me. ;)

She learned to swim under water through the hula hoop by herself

to document that I was there each day:)

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