Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July weekend! Avery thought all the red, white and blue was pretty neat and couldn't figure out whose birthday it was. :) I had to work on Monday night with the babies so we celebrated on Sunday night with some great friends. Some of our friend's neighborhood had a little fireworks show and the kids loved it. Avery experienced sparklers for the first time and wasn't sure what to think at first but decided they were pretty cool. It's weird to think that this was the last holiday as a family of three. We are getting excited!

My pretty "baby" at church. I remember getting her this dress when she was one year old because it was on sale for like $2. I remember thinking how huge it looked and I couldn't imagine her that big. How time flies. :(

Luke reading to the prechool kids at church during our family service on July 3rd. The kids sang the creation song and recited a memory verse they had learned for the church. (mostly they all just stared, and Avery felt the need to go sit in the teacher's lap for it all. ha!)

How cute are these girls!?? Avery, Allie, and Avery Kate

figuring out what sparklers are all about:)

Avery shared Daddy's lap with sweet little Rachel

little buddies: Avery Kate, Casen, Aves and Caleb

watching the show!

Hope every one had a great 4th!

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