Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making Room for Baby

Baby Adalyn is almost here, any day now really! We can't wait! I think everything is ready, funny how the second time around you are a little more laid back about everything. Though if you told Luke I said I was laid back, he would probably laugh. ;)
We have been working in her room and my sweet sister came a few weeks back and really helped me get things washed and ready. Our bags are packed and we are just waiting on Addy!!
Here are a few pics of the nursery...

The color in this pic turned out weird. I made this to hang above her crib out of an old candle holder. I removed the glass, spray painted, found some birds to paint and attach and then hung the letters from the"branch". Her bedding has some little birds on the bumper that you cannot really see in the pics. I was happy with how it turned out and how little I had to spend!

Avery has really loved playing in the baby's room. She plays with her babies in there all the time. She tells me that her baby's name is "Adawyn" too but a different Adalyn, not her sister. So cute! She says she wants to change all of baby sister's diapers and put her to sleep in her crib when she gets here. I love how excited she is! We put the infant seat in my car the other day and when she saw it next to her car seat, she squealed and said, "Yay! I have a friend to talk to in the back seat!"

Poor baby girl doesn't have many bows to choose from at all ;)
This is what I find in the crib on a daily basis!

Seems like yesterday this sweet "baby" was sleeping in the same crib. :(

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