Friday, July 15, 2011

Family of 3

We aren't sure how many days we have left as a little family of three! It's very exciting but part of me feels a little sad to close this chapter of our lives with just Aves. Life will only get better, just different. Avery getting a sister is one of the best gifts I think we could ever give her. While we wait on Adalyn, we are soaking up all the Avery we can get while it's just her. :)
We decided to take her to the Dallas Aquarium the other day for some fun family time. Luke took the week off and has a guest preacher at church and it has been so nice to have him to ourselves all week! We took Avery to the Aquarium for the first time when she was only 8 months old and I can't believe how fast time has gone by. It really seems like last month. She loved it then and really loved it this time. Treasured memories!
Our family more than 2 years ago and now. Avery and I look a little bigger ;)

So excited and running in!I thought the monkeys were so cute carrying their babies on their backs...

Daddy's fav, the sharks. Avery thought they were pretty cool too.

Not too sure what this statue is but she thought it was neat:)

She wasn't all that impressed with the Jaguar and just thought it looked like Chloe. ha!
Her favorite, the pink flamingo! Ever since she took a trip to the zoo with Nini and Papa she has been obessesed with flamingos I think because they are pink. She thinks it is so great that there is a pink animal. If she could be an animal she says she would be a pink dog. Crazy girl!

She picked a prize before we left. A stuffed flamingo of course!

The first time we went, she got a penguin. I could just cry looking at how much she has changed. I love this baby picture of her. She's still my baby, just a little bigger.:)

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Leah J. said...

Precious family, precious memories! I was tear-y eyed through the whole thing...Can you believe how quickly they grow up?! Love that girl!