Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6 Months Old

Happy half birthday!! How can you be 6 months old?! Time sure has been flying by since Aug. 8th. You are a simply a joy. You are such a sweet and easy baby. You're changing so fast! You tried some baby food this week and you're still trying to get used to it. We tried carrots and sweet potatoes and you seemed to like sweet potatoes the best. You still can't really sit up on your own yet. I think it's because you just prefer to sit in someone's lap:) You are a rolling machine though and can move across the floor by rolling. You have started to grab things and will hold a toy. You love watching Praise Baby and will giggle when you hear the opening song cause you know what's coming. You adore your big sister and I still think she can make you smile more than anyone. You love to sit and watch her dance around a room. It's precious. We are always on the go and you are the best baby. You catch a nap in the car and are always ready for what's next. We can hit the grocery store, ballet lessons, doctor's appt. and out to dinner with friends all in one day and you are just as happy as can be with it all. I love to cuddle you, read to you, and sing to you. You love when Avery and I sing "the baby song" to you. You have started sleeping all night in your crib in your room the last week. We started with just part of the night at first, mainly cause mommy couldn't handle you being so far:) You have done great and really prefer your own bed. You go to sleep around 6:30-7 and wake up for the day around 8-8:30. Still haven't got you to sleep as late as your sis but I still have hope;) You wake twice in the night to eat, around 11pm and 5am. I actually enjoy our time in the pink chair at night. Our family is so in love with you Addy girl. I love being your mommy, you make my world go round. I can't imagine life without your sweet face. I hope these next 6 months before your 1st birthday don't go by too fast! I'll be soaking every second in. Love you to the moon and back baby girl!
Love, Mommy

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