Friday, February 3, 2012

Ballet and Gymnastics

Avery started two new classes last week and has been so excited about it. It makes her seem so big to me! She tried ballet about a year ago and was just a little too young and wasn't ready. So, we tried again because she has been asking. She did great this time. She is the tiniest little thing out there and I can hardly stand to sit in my seat and not run out there and squeeze that tiny little booty! Being in a leotard lined up next to all the girls you can tell just how TINY she is. So cute. Her teacher thought she was two until she started talking:) Maybe she'll catch up a little one day, but if not, I love her tinyness.
Luke and I also really wanted her to take gymnastics for many reasons. So she tried that out as well. She liked it and did great. It makes me a little nervous to watch them but she is fearless and so proud of herself so it makes me happy to she her in her element.

My little ballerina so excited for class.
She looks so grown up to me here:(
She's got the pointed toes thing down:)

She loved to stay by the teacher. So presh

Her teacher's name is Mrs. Jenn and Avery really liked her. She hugged her numerous times in class. :)
Next we we went to try out a gymnastics class. She did great and loved it too. I think she likes ballet better but we were glad she wanted to stick with gymnastics too.

By the end of the day, poor thing had done one ballet class and two gymnastics classes, each one hour long. It was a lot for one day! Good thing we are only taking two classes and each on a different day of the week because this girl was worn out! She passed out sitting up trying to eat dinner. Poor baby. She woke up the next day asking to go again though:)

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