Thursday, March 8, 2012

7 months

You're seven months old Adalyn!
Can't believe it! You are growing so fast. I love this age! You have such a sweet little personality and you're just such a happy baby. You love to smile at everything and everyone. Avery makes you giggle all the time. You started to show some interest in Chloe too, and you turn the giggles on when she gives you doggy kisses. You are super laid back and really don't care much to try and crawl or sit up by yourself. We are practicing sitting up but you would rather just lay on your back and chill. You do love tummy time though. You pick up your toys and play and put everything in your mouth. No teeth yet, but I feel like any day one on the bottom will pop up cause you've been working on it for a while now. You favorite things are: being held(this is really all you want all the time) Praise Baby, playing with and watching Avery, talking to and laughing at Daddy, and listening to mommy sing to you. You can drink water out of a sippy cup now and really like that. You are still working on getting used to baby foods, you're not all that impressed. Teething biscuits though, are a favorite. I love that you are perfectly content to just sit on my lap all day long. You're so different than your sister at this age who was very busy and active. I love each thing about you that makes you who you are. I hope you let me cuddle you all day forever.:) Words cannot express my love for you sweet girl. You and your big sis are my entire world. I love you so much, happy 7 months!
Love, Momma

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