Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Girls

Why are they growing up so fast?? I can hardly stand it. Oh how I love them!!

This girl is acting so big. Learning to drink out of a cup and doing lots of big girl things lately.

And when did this pretty girl start looking like she's 12?? :( Sigh


Amanda and Chris said...

ok so how are you getting her to drink from a sippy? Archie just plays with his! I wonder if its too hard for him to suck it out?? help!!!

Lindsay Norsworthy said...

At first she just played with it and still does mostly. I only give her water in it for now. You might try a softer spout? I like the NUK, or Tommee Tippee that's made for 4mo and up. I wouldn't worry about him actually taking his feedings from it yet, just get practice so down the road he can use it for whole milk and not the bottle.

Laura Drewry said...

Hey there!! Your girls are just adorable! I found you through Kelly's Korner ministry wives link up party! I am also a ministers wife..we live in Drew, MS as my husband is part of an outdoor ministry. I plan to link up on Kelly's blog a little later. ANyways just wanted to drop in and say hello and God bless! Please visit my blog :)