Thursday, February 27, 2014

Audrey Brooke -Birth Story Part 1

We welcomed our sweet baby Audrey on February 26th at 3:56PM. What a wonderful day that we will never forget! I got to the hospital around 7:30 am already feeling many contractions. I had been there just a few days before in what I thought was labor and sent home to wait till my contractions got more intense. They never did, so back to labor and delivery we went to be induced to help Audrey make her grand appearance! My doctor was afraid the longer we waited she might be getting a little too big for me to deliver naturally. He predicted she'd be much bigger than her sisters! 

My last prego pic before getting the hospital gown on! Almost 40 weeks!

I got all checked in and got my IV. Then we waited. Things moved slow at first but around 1:30 my water broke and things got real. I was in a lot of pain at this point and really didn't want an epidural free delivery like I had with Adalyn. I asked for an epidural and a little while later I got one. Thank the Lord!! I was 5-6cm at this point. Within 30-45 minutes after getting the epidural I knew she was coming soon. I asked my nurse and she checked and said I was ready and complete. They quickly called the doctor and got everything ready. It all happened so fast! It happened this way with all three  of my labors! We were all so excited. I knew her big sisters were in the waiting room and I was so excited for them to be meeting their newest sister soon!
 Little did I know, this girl would make me work hard to push her out! They turned my epidural off  so I could push better. I only felt a lot of pain at the very end. Very different than the last time and I was thankful! After about 15 minutes of hard pushing, Audrey was born!
Love at first sight for sure. Perfect little baby girl. I couldn't believe she was finally in my arms!

 They placed her on my chest, skin to skin for a long while right after she was born. Precious moments that I will never ever forget. I just soaked her in and fell more in love:)

  I love this picture of her on my chest:)

 First picture with mom and dad!

Dr. Cummings. He's the best doctor and is always so sweet and patient with me.

 8 lb 7oz and 20.5 inches long. She was a big girl!! And oh so very squishy and adorable:)

She had daddy wrapped around her finger from the start just like her big sisters did!
 Everyone commented on how big her feet were:) I remember feeling those little feet kick me!

 SO thankful God surprised us with this sweet blessing. So in love with my Audrey Brooke.

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