Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014!

The girls had a fun day at preschool for Valentine's Day. They each had a party with their class. We spent hours the night before making a box for Avery's Valentines from friends. She was SO proud of it:)

On Valentine's Day the girls woke up to heart shaped pancakes and prizes from mom and dad. So fun! Hard to believe this is the last holiday as a family of 4 before we welcome baby sis!!

That evening we brought a pizza to the park. The girls had so much fun. The pizza was supposed to be heart shaped but it was a little hard to tell:)

 Me, almost ready to pop! Any day now this sweet baby will be here! 38+ weeks!

Luke and I got to have a fun Valentine's date night while Aunt Laura babysat:)

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