Friday, February 28, 2014

Audrey Brooke- Birth Story Part 2

The big sisters were eagerly waiting to meet their sister. They came running in SO excited. My heart was swelling:) These next pictures of the sisters meeting make my heart so very happy. I cry every time I see them. Never knew my heart could hold so much love. 

 Avery was the most excited I have ever seen her. She took it all in and had lots of questions. She simply adores Audrey:) 
 My two littlest loves! Adalyn was very interested in Audrey and she was very excited too. She showed no jealousy at all and I was so glad. 

First family picture!! 

 Aunt Laura and Uncle Blaine meeting Audrey! 

 So glad Aunt Gina was there to see Audrey too! The girls love Gigi!

 Adalyn wanted to watch everything. The nurse was sweet and got her a stool so she could see. I was so glad she was so happy and excited about "her baby" :)

Adalyn begged for her turn to hold the baby

Getting some cuddles with Daddy

Nini and Papa with their third grandbaby. Love at first sight:)

Audrey meeting her great-grandparents for the first time! She is blessed to have so many grandparents that love her!

 Aunt Laura loves her girls!

 Papa and Audrey. 

 Nini and her newest girl:)

Audrey and her biggest sister. Avery is so in love! She is an amazing big sister!

 Daddy and his girls

 Family of FIVE!

My heart is so full. All my girls in my lap:)

Silly sisters having fun in the hospital room!

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