Saturday, April 18, 2009


Luke, Avery, and I went to Florida to see some old friends. We had such a great time. I was worried about how Avery would do on the plane, but she did great! We brought Baby Einstein on the laptop which was a lifesaver. We stayed on the beach; it was beautiful. I can't believe we lived there for over 2 years. I don't think we appreciated the beach as much then. Avery loved it! She wanted to get in the water, but it was a little too cold. It was a constant battle to keep her from eating the sand! She wore her bathing suit for the first time and looked so cute. She's a little Florida girl after all! As much as I don't like to admit it, she was born in Florida, not in Texas. :) We showed her the house we used to live in and the hospital where she was born. It was a great trip! We are exhausted and glad to be home.
                                           My favorite beach pic

                                              At our old house
                                Fun with Jaci and Jackson

                      Avery's new friends, Jackson and Addison
                       Spending time with the Keller family
                                 Eating lunch with Samuel
                                           Chillin on the plane


Kara Graves said...

I love the beach pictures! What a fun trip to take.

Nurse Sourcer said...

Glad you enjoyed my little "paradise" recently! Stumbled across your blog via my daily google "feed". Cute blog, baby & family! BTW, no need to take her to a photographer again - you take amazing pix of your little sweet pea! Cheers, Julie

Nurse Sourcer said...

Oh! One more thing: who makes her bows, you? They would fit my niece perfectly too! Thinking about making some for her...

JENNY said...

I love all the fun, family beach pictures. You have a beautiful family!

amy said...

how fun! Avery is PRECIOUS! I love love love your beach pics!!