Sunday, April 26, 2009


I admit, I'm a big fan of all things pink. I tend to gravitate to all baby outfits that are some shade of pink or have at least some pink in them. I guess I'm a little too much of a girly girl. :) I'm trying to be better about branching out and picking all the adorable green, brown, red etc. outfits for her. When I saw this onesie at wally world of all places, I knew Avery had to have it. It cracks me up! She's also wearing her first "ponytail" in the picture! She just barely has enough hair to make one on top.  


Stephanie said...

Adorable, just love it! Addison got a premie onesie that was black like that and said "this is my little black dress", she out grew it before I ever got a picture. I can't wait until she gets more hair in so I can put bows in it, I've given up on the headband search=)

Kara Graves said...

that is too cute, I was just looking at Walmart's cute onesies the other day...there was one that said "I still live with my parents" ...thought that was hilarious.