Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

On Labor day we went over to our friends house, the Jacksons, and grilled out and let the kids play. The Jordans, and our friends Tiffany and Cassandra joined us too. Avery loves to play with her friends, Avery Kate and Casen. They are so cute together. She tried her best to keep up with them and follow them around. These families are in our small group at Venture and we just love them; good times with good friends! Hope every one had a great holiday.

The best attempt to get all three kids in a pic- Avery Kate, Avery, Casen
Casen and Avery looking at the ducks in the pond behind their yard
Avery loved the little lab puppy that they had! It was the sweetest little dog.

Avery was walking pretty well in the yard and trying to keep up with the big kids

Luke running through the sprinkler with Avery(this was the only way she like it)
Sweet kiddies in the pool!
Avery Kate's daddy trying to help Avery get used to the pool
She liked to sit outside of the pool and just watch the big kids play


April Jackson said...

Those are the sweetest kids I have ever seen!! I'm glad that everyone came over yesterday. I love having friends that feel like family to us!!

Mommy Leah said...

Precious pics!!! What a FUN time yesterday! I second April ... love having friends that feel like family!