Friday, September 11, 2009

Paradise Pond

My friends and I, Leah and April, took our kiddos to Paradise Pond today for a play date. It was tons of fun! It is in a church and it is set up with all kinds of things for kids of all ages to do. It's only a dollar to get in and so worth it! Avery, Casen, and Avery Kate loved it. We finished the day off by going to the mall to eat lunch; it was a lot of fun. Avery did great and even skipped her morning nap. We will be going back to play soon I'm sure!
I put Avery down when we walked in thinking she would cling to me and I would have to ease her into it or at least seem a little timid. No way! She took off walking and never looked back to see if I had followed her. It made me tear up a little to see her act so big. She is growing up! Sniff. Sniff
Avery checking out all the stations.
She just walked right over to the big boys and started trying to play with them. I guess she is used to her cousins being so sweet to her.
Avery with both of her buds, Avery Kate and Casen.
The girls playing. Avery scared me with how fearless she was trying to climb on everything!
There was a little pretend grocery store and Avery loved it! She was very into putting things in her basket and "shopping" around. It was so cute! I guess I should get her a basket for at home.
Shopping with Avery Kate
Adding some items she needed :)
She was on a mission pushing her basket all around through the store
Basket full and ready to go
Checking out cool Casen in his costume
She found a ball that she didn't part with, nor want to share with anyone :)
Playing with some new friends
She loved to ride the car down the ramp. I was afraid she was too little to do it, but she proved me wrong. She showed me all day that she is not so little anymore. :(
Avery loved crawling through the tunnel
The Averys' in the tunnel playing.


Leah J. said...

We had so much fun!!! You are an amazingly prompt blogger! I am just now sitting down to download the pics from P.P.! We must do it again soon! Avery WAS such a big girl! Glad she loved it!

annalee said...

that looks like SO much fun!!