Thursday, September 3, 2009

Road Trip

We took a road trip to Austin to see family. Luke had a speaking engagement as well with my dad's football team. We started the trip off well by going to the Anderson High School football game on Friday night. I love Texas high school football!!! It was a lot of fun and they won! It was an exciting game.
My dad in action.
Us in the stands before it got so packed we could hardly move!
After the game
Luke doing the Heisman with Aves
With Aunt Laura
Coach and the gang
With mom and dad
Avery loves him!
Coach and his girls
The next day we went to the Oasis to eat and celebrate Luke's birthday with all the family. It was good food with great company. I managed to not take that many pics for some reason.

Then, Luke went home to get back for work and Avery and I headed to San Antonio to visit Aunt Kippa and Avery's cousins, Gage and Grififin. We had a blast; Avery loves playing with her cousins and they adore her.
She just follows them everywhere. It's so cute.
Fun times on the playground.

Avery is the only girl on Luke's side of the fam. Here she is with all the cousins, Gage, Hayden, Garrett, and Griffin.
We got to visit Luke's Grandmother. Avery had never been to her house and she had a great time. She loved the kitty too!

Avery watching the boys play video games. I love these kiddos!

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Kippa said...

It was so much fun to have you and Avery here! Gage was so sad that you weren't at our house when he got home from school yesterday. :( You will just have to come back soon! He also said he wants Uncle Luke to come. I said I would think about it. ;) Thanks for coming and for helping me fix up my place! It looks and feels more like home now. Love you!