Monday, September 14, 2009

Today was a big day. A very special little girl turned 13 months old! I can't believe that. Where is the time going?? She just gets more adorable and more fun every day. I also started a new job today. I have not been working at all for the last year and have LOVED that. I decided to go back to work as a NICU nurse just one day a week. I think it will be good for me to keep up with my nursing skills and good for Luke and Avery to get to spend some special time together( he is keeping her on the days that I work) It is such a blessing that Luke can stay home with her and that I have the flexibility with my job to work once a week. It was a great first day back and good for me to meet some new people. I was dying to see this little girl when I got home though! It was the longest I have ever been away from her. She did great and loved playing with Daddy all day. I just ate her up when I came home and gave her probably a million kisses. I brought home a present for her for being such a big girl and she was thrilled.

So happy about her new purse!

Checking out the goodies.

I seriously could eat this girl up with a spoon!

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Tiffany said...

That is a very fun toy! I'm sure she will love playing with it! Glad your first day back was good. Hope the rest of the week goes well.