Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catch up!

I have been way behind on blogging! I temporarily "lost" my blog and and couldn't sign in for days. Luckily my smart hubby fixed it, took him a while but he did it thank goodness!
We have been super busy these last few days like always I guess. Summer is going to fly by and we'll have another little girl at our house before I know it. :) Here are some pics to hit the highlights of the last week or so.

Avery's splash day at school. To say she had a blast would be an understatement! One of the moms there said to me, "Avery sure is excited today and has a ton of energy! It must be the water." Her teacher said, "Oh no, that's little Avery all the time!" I couldn't agree more. Never a dull moment!

She loves to help me do anything, especially cook. She says all the time, "Momma, can I be your big helper?!" Love it!

Avery with her cousins, Gage and Griffin at Luke's brother's wedding. I love this picture of them. The boys adore Avery and she has them wrapped around her little finger. They are really the sweetest little boys I know!

My mom turned 50 and we all got to together to celebrate! Avery wanted her to have a Hello Kitty party because she is obsessed with it right now and planning her own party this summer. Of course, Avery's wish is my mom's command and we celebrated with the whole Kitty theme, party hats and all. :) My parents kept Avery over night in a hotel and took her to the zoo the next day. Luke and I enjoyed our kid-free weekend and hung out with my sis and brother-in-law. Good times!
Happy birthday mom!

I promise to post more soon for the Avery addicted grandparents;)

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