Friday, May 27, 2011

rain, rain go away...

and tornados go away too!! This crazy weather these last few days as been scary! I am little over the rain and humidity at this point. Reminded me of how I hated the the humidity in Florida when we lived there! Avery said the other day when we were getting in the hot car, "What kind of hot is this momma?" I just had to laugh!
We actually had a small tornado hit Denton a few days ago, yikes! Some of our good friends actually got quite a bit of damage to their home, I feel so bad for the Jackson family. Thankfully they were not home. I was working at the hospital the night it hit and Luke was at home with Avery in the closet.:) A code black in the NICU with a bunch of tiny babies was interesting to say the least!

Here are some pics of my cutie playing in the rain. I wish I had a video of her singing the words to the song, "rain, rain go away" It's the sweetest thing.

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